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Proof of Stake Pools

NoteURLLive Immature Voted  Missed Pool FeesUsersLast Updated
https://dcr.stakeminer.com5692 14.0%2272223750.20%1%47143 minutes ago
https://stakepool.dcrstats.com695 1.70%241476940.10%5%59973 minutes ago
https://dcr.blue1243 3.05%44966930.10%2%25353 minutes ago
https://dcr.ubiqsmart.com1264 3.10%42518070.21%0.95%12243 minutes ago
https://stake.decredbrasil.com593 1.45%27477180.10%5%16053 minutes ago
https://stakey.net1633 4.01%49385290.11%1%7453 minutes ago
https://dcrpos.idcray.com1042 2.56%70361480.81%2%1353 minutes ago
https://ultrapool.eu1181 2.90%31343260.22%1%13093 minutes ago
https://pool.d3c.red412 1.01%12277780.40%5%10363 minutes ago
https://dcr.farm710 1.74%49218690.23%1%7623 minutes ago
https://dcrpos.megapool.info880 2.16%20164650.30%1%603 minutes ago
https://decred.raqamiya.net330 0.81%7154880.32%1%2613 minutes ago
https://tokensmart.io1075 2.64%44125391.09%0.8%3053 minutes ago
https://stakepool.eu231 0.56%26101720.64%5%9763 minutes ago
https://dcrstake.coinmine.pl971 2.38%6984380.21%0.5%3013 minutes ago
https://stakey.com119 0.29%130031.92%0.4%1623 minutes ago
https://decred.staked.us215 0.52%226010.38%5%2233 minutes ago
https://dcrpool.ibitlin.com135 0.33%319650.65%1%1873 minutes ago
https://decredvoting.com167 0.41%1015070.33%2%3993 minutes ago
https://dcrpool.dittrex.com32 0.07%13250%1%1713 minutes ago
https://decred.everstake.one10 0.02%0640%1%613 minutes ago
https://99split.com36 0.08%0410%0.99%423 minutes ago
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