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Proof of Stake Pools

NoteURLLive Immature Voted  Missed *Pool FeesUsersLast Updated
https://stakepool.dcrstats.com2127 5.18%821190600.11%5%48212 minutes ago
https://dcr.stakeminer.com6563 16.0%157694760.10%1%23912 minutes ago
https://dcr.stakepool.net3198 7.80%68420380.05%2%19772 minutes ago
https://dcr.ubiqsmart.com827 2.01%29288070.18%0.95%6502 minutes ago
https://stake.decredbrasil.com1292 3.15%20259520.10%5%12042 minutes ago
https://pool.d3c.red954 2.32%39143120.29%5%8562 minutes ago
https://ultrapool.eu739 1.80%2074020.08%1%8432 minutes ago
https://stakepool.eu55 0.13%553990.64%5%7372 minutes ago
https://dcr.farm1067 2.60%923470.17%3%3382 minutes ago
https://decred.raqamiya.net758 1.84%2414550.06%1%1422 minutes ago
https://dcrpos.idcray.com1161 2.83%46910.28%2%282 minutes ago
https://stakey.net573 1.39%176560%1%1382 minutes ago

* Notice: Missed stakepool tickets can be caused by a poorly connected Proof-of-work (PoW) miner and may not necessarily be the fault of the pool.