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Proof of Stake Pools

NoteURLLive Immature Voted  Missed Pool FeesUsersLast Updated
https://dcr.stakeminer.com5768 14.0%1731748480.20%1%4114a minute ago
https://stakepool.dcrstats.com1079 2.63%261412690.10%5%5875a minute ago
https://dcr.blue1886 4.60%77847180.10%2%2468a minute ago
https://dcr.ubiqsmart.com804 1.96%21451760.22%0.95%1154a minute ago
https://stake.decredbrasil.com827 2.01%23420300.10%5%1538a minute ago
https://dcrpos.idcray.com1220 2.97%62273020.84%2%110a minute ago
https://pool.d3c.red539 1.31%8251540.38%5%1001a minute ago
https://ultrapool.eu1152 2.81%37241610.22%1%1264a minute ago
https://stakey.net2336 5.70%81204920.11%1%647a minute ago
https://dcr.farm571 1.39%24166840.20%1%680a minute ago
https://decred.raqamiya.net445 1.08%9125640.34%1%243a minute ago
https://stakepool.eu261 0.63%1581930.78%5%922a minute ago
https://tokensmart.io801 1.95%360061.55%0.8%24721 minutes ago
https://dcrpos.megapool.info1431 3.49%1953030.33%1%43a minute ago
https://dcrstake.coinmine.pl593 1.44%2824490.36%0.5%200a minute ago
https://stakey.com194 0.47%717333.13%0.4%85a minute ago
https://pos.dcr.fans0.01%0123615.1%3%180a minute ago
https://decred.staked.us235 0.57%110270.58%5%141a minute ago
https://dcrpool.ibitlin.com151 0.36%38770.79%1%161a minute ago
https://d1pool.com53 0.12%35690.35%0.8%113a minute ago
https://decredvoting.com92 0.22%15100.77%2%225a minute ago
https://dcr.grassfed.network58 0.14%01210.81%5%34a minute ago
https://dcrpool.dittrex.com26 0.06%11080%1%115a minute ago
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