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Proof of Stake Pools

NoteURLLive Immature Voted  Missed Pool FeesUsersLast Updated
https://dcr.stakeminer.com490 1.19%02919990.17%1%51352 minutes ago
https://stakepool.dcrstats.com77 0.18%01560100.09%5%61622 minutes ago
https://dcr.ubiqsmart.com151 0.36%1718180.18%0.95%13682 minutes ago
https://stakey.net173 0.42%0674090.07%1%9392 minutes ago
https://stake.decredbrasil.com102 0.24%3551480.09%5%16932 minutes ago
https://legacy.ultravsp.uk120 0.29%4458010.36%1%13792 minutes ago
https://dcr.farm75 0.18%13310750.25%30%8602 minutes ago
https://pool.d3c.red10 0.02%0306520.49%5%10602 minutes ago
https://dcrstake.coinmine.pl329 0.79%1278230.84%0.5%02 minutes ago
https://stakepool.eu190 0.46%1150910.59%5%10612 minutes ago
https://99split.com86 0.20%059800.01%0.99%3222 minutes ago
https://decredvoting.com55 0.13%254630.21%1%6552 minutes ago
https://dcrpool.ibitlin.com21 0.05%040390.34%1%2392 minutes ago
https://dcrpool.dittrex.com0.01%079911.2%5%2332 minutes ago
https://decred.yieldwallet.io0.00%0961.03%2%482 minutes ago
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